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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 23, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PDT

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pro-gresso ] they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. is. >> police open fire shooting a man in antioch. >> officers still on the scene. still piecing it all together tonight. good evening. >> what we do know is that one person is dead after a confrontation between police and the parolee. we are live in apartment i don't care tonight. >>reporter: there are still a lot of questions that police work the scene late into the night. we didn't know the name of the parolee and we don't know if he was armed. miss say they are stillwhat causedstigatg what caused the detectives to
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open fire. whatever triggered the exchange, they shot him dead. antioch police went door to door through the neighborhood investigating the officer involved shooting that happened here early in the evening. jerry was comin home when he saw the cars. >> i saw a car facing my way and 2 men with guns drawn and i heard them barking commands to whoever was in the car. >> police say detectives had spotted a parolee wanted for possession of stolen property. they tried to pull him over. at some point it appears the detective vehicle and suspect vehicle made contact. but it's unmostly clear how that happened. then gunshots. >> become bam boom both were firing at him. >>reporter: 2 detectives fired striking the parolee. he was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he later died. mark gaern lived in the neighborhood for close to 40 years. he was getting his son ready for baseball practice when the commotion started. >> we heard the helicopter and
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people saying there's gunshots and nobody knew anything for sure. >>reporter: he says the area has changed a lot. >> used to be able to leave the doors unlocked. now you leave nothing unlock. lock up the truck vehicle everything. stay at home. >>reporter: at the and his son just came out for a few minutes to see if the scene was still there which again it is. they contin. again t. again we don't know if that parolee was armed but parolee shot and killed by detectives in antioch tonight. in antioch, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> good samaritan helps save a man after his boat overturned in the bay tonight. coast guard rescued the man after spotted by a tugboat operator. tug crew found the man standing his overtu his overturned 25 foot boat near peer sfichlt he was freezing cold but was not seriously hurt. new evidence revealed today in the case of sierra la 15-year-old morgan hill girl vanished last friday on her way to school. tonight relatives in sacramento held a church
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vigil to pray for her safe return. lillian is near morgan hill where investigators are intensifying the search. lillian? >>report of dozens of volunteers along with search dog spent the entire day looking for sierra la mar. 15-year-old has been missing now for 6 days. they searched through thick brush and looked inside abandoned buildings. in all they covered about a 3 mile radius. search and rescue teams found no trace of 15-year-old sierra la mar. >> it's tremendously frustrating to put in miles and miles and hours and hours and ours and we don't know. >>reporter: sierra has been missing since friday morning. her family says she normally takes the bus to school. but her cell phone was found the next day at an intersection in the opposite direction. now investigators have revealed they found her juicey brand handbag as well near the intersection of laguna and saint trees a.investigators say they actually found it on sunday but waited to go public with it until they could confirm the bag was hers.
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>> clothing was neatly folded inside the juicey bag. what we don't know at this point is if she was wearing the clothing that particular set of clothes when she left the house or if extra clothing she packed. >>reporter: the family, the developments far from comfor comforting. >> doesn't necessarily point if to either direction, you know. she mrpd to run away or is she was abducted or taken against her will. >> each thing we find gets scarier because she wouldn't purposely leave that stuff behind so more anxiety on us. >>reporter: investigators are combing through other clue such as a tweet sierra sent out at 6:29 am friday and text to her friend 42 minutes later. as for search and rescue teams they say the fact that they didn't find anything doesn't mean the day wasn't productive. >> even no results is a result. it tells us something about where she she isn't and that allows us to move on to other
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places to continue to look. >>reporter: the sheriff's department says another search is tentatively scheduled for saturday. live near hill, morgan hill, abc 7 news. thanks. in the mean time 8 day search for the mother of an iraq war veteran is over in. the body of 52-year-old martha guiteirez found in rural bonita 0county, shot, blood evidence found in her son's car authorities say. bodies of 27-year-old able guiteirez and 11-year-old sister lucy were found last wednesday at family apartment in gilroy. police say that able was dealing with ptsd and that he killed his mother. got rid of the body then killed his sister and then himself. >> suspended san francisco sheriff mirkarimi court ordered domestic violence counseling now under wait a minute he was sentenced to a year of domestic counseling and three years probation after pleading guilty monday to misdemeanor count of false imprisonment. mayor ed lee suspended him from office
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yesterday after filing official misconduct charges against him. carolyn tyler caught up with mirkarimi after the first orientation session today. >>reporter: do you feel lick thoughts written charges are kind of piling on because they are bringing the charges all ts that were already dismissed? >> i think the piling on was weeks ago. just more of the same piling on. >>reporter: mirkarimi will next go before the city e commission where he looks forward to sharing his side of the story. that hearing is expected to begin early next month. >> 9 child pornography suspect under arrest tonight san mateo county following raid by more than 100 local police and federal agent. 7 suspects were booked on charges of possessing child porn. 2 for possessing and distributing it. the arrest follow an investigation supervised by the silicon valley i hope net crimes against children task force. >> nation largest supermarket chain is dropping so-called pink slime from the meat products. kroger operates 2400 stores nationwide including 2
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food company in san francisco and they have heard complaints about the meat filler treated with amoney why. usda allow meat producers to add 15 percent of the meat byproduct without disklotion it. the meat industry indicates pink slime is safe but the publicity made it hard to sell. >> long way from here to memorial day weekend but here's a head's up you might want to know is closing the dump barton bridge from friday night may 25 until tuesday morning may 29th for a major seismic retrofit. crew replace key expansion joint that runs across all 6 lanes. preliminary road work combines on monday. bank of america is trying out a new program that the allowsing facing foreclosure a chance to stay in the home by paying rent instea instead. participant must first transfer title of the property to the bank while outstanding mortgage balance is forgiven. right now it's just a pilot program limited to
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arizona, nevada and new york. 3 states hit hard by the more than crisis. >> san francisco public defender is launching a challenge that could get thousands of dui convictions tossed. >> fls fans line up for the midnight showing. friendy over the popular book hunger games now turned into a movie. >> and the declining american wedding. why fewer women are tying the knot then on "nightline". >> hello. coming up. long awaited report on how whitney houston died. what it tells us about her final moments in the beverly hills hotel bathroom. plus the new bullying movie captured hollywood attention. plus the new bullying movie captured hollywood attention. coming up
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>> happy hunger games. ladies first. about primrose. >> no. i volunteer as tribute. >> short but intense snippet from the movie everybody talking about hunger games at midnight and the hype over the top for the things. so are the ticket sales. we are leif in the theater in san francisco. only what 45 minutes to go? the theater in san francisco. only what 45 minutes to go? >>reporter: that is correct.
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[ no audio] . >> 3 levels of theater are already packed. the hunger games hype started at 4:00 o'clock at this movie theater an that's when people started lining up to make sure they got a good seat in one of 12 midnight showing here tonight. near by kabuki all 5 of the 1 12:01 hunger game movies sold out. one for a private party. people are excited about the film. they good to grit length to makeience to experience to remember. >> we are doing give away of the book.take too. book mark. signed bit awe thoyvrment you are just a fan. >> yes. >> i want to see the movie. i'm pretty excited. but i don't think any movie is better than a book. i don't see how it could be.
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>>reporter: there is some concern about the violence in this movie and whether it's appropriate for children. it is rated pg-13 but a lot of the book fans are young teenagers. premise of the hung this. it takes place in the future and based on how the main character played by jennifer lawrence survives the hunger games. survival of the fittest time game -- type game with teen against teen and all televised. more than 2000 show times have been sold out and according to fan dang 0they are selling 10 tickets per second. live in san francisco, lisa, abc 7 new news. >> certainly bustling thereanks tonight. thanks lisa. >> los angeles county coroner today ruled that singer whitney houston defendant death was an accidental drowning. her bodyhe found on the eve of the grammy awards in the bath tub of the beverly hills hotel room. according to the coroner report cocaine and heart disease were contributing factors to her death. she also had marijuana,
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zanex and benadryl in her system when she died. san francisco public defender today challenged the first of what could be thousands of drunk driving convictions. jeff shed off one of the breath liz they are has given the police department a black eye. they are supposed to be tested for accuracy every 10 day because had not been check for almost 10 years. the office has already identified 150 questionable convictions. >> breath test at the scene when you are arrested very powerful evidence and that evidence is used at your trial. so for even people who pled guilty they pled guilty rae laying on the accuracy of the device. >> continued a successful challenge convicted drivers could declare themselves not guilty. d could then rae try the case or most likely dismiss the charge. >> fewer women are saying i do. nearly 40 percent have never been married. that's up from 33 percent in 1995. researchers also found that women in a first marriage
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cropped to 36 percent. that's down from 44 percent in 1982. the study by the national center for health statistics found that more people are come has been take iting and wait to go get married. median age for first time marriage is now 26 for women, 28 years old for men. >> cosing cost of getting hitched could you be one reason for fewes. average couple spends 27,000 dollars on a wedding. that's up for the first time since 2008 and 1 in 5 couple spends more than 30,000 dollars on the big day. >> you won't believe week old sacramento puppy who almost died may the world's smallest dog. this the is one of 5 born to dog living on thesd streets during her pregnancy. animal controlled picked up the mother and took her to a place for neglected dog. when she was born she had to be given heart compression and mouth to mouth. >> she taking a breath and from there it has been an amazing
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story of her over coming unbelievable odds. >>reporter: beyonce now just about the size of an i-phone. .n when she was born she fit into a spoon. her caretaker the grace foundation says beyonce may have been the ti the tiniesy ever born. she and her siblings and mother will be available for adoption in the next few weeks. can you believe it's so cute. ly the size ofly small. i-phone. doing faint. >> let's get a check of the forecast rate now. >> which is changing soon in a big way. >> we bring winter back to the bay area since it never was here during the season. let me show you the high for today. after the weak front passed through. few showers this morning. not everyone got wet weather. afternoon high running cooler than anticipate anticipated. 13 degrees cooler in san jose where 60. 18 grease cooler in morgan hill. 58 degrees santa rosa fell 6 degrees. san francisco 58
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today. 7 degrees cooler and antioch running 10 degrees cooler this afternoon at 62 degrees. tonight you can feel the chill in the air. numbers in the 40's. we still have a little bit of a breeze in some spots. that's making it feel like even colder than it is outside but no doubt about it compared to 24 hours ago we are down 11 de mountain vie. mountw los gatos antioch down 9 in concord. 10 degrees cooler in napa and san francisco half moon bay both running 7 grease cooler than yesterday at this time. so clear and chilly tonight. rain arrives tomorrow night after midnight and wet pattern is setting up well into next week. so making plans for the weekend, doesn't look good. here's what's coming this weaned. it's the storm system here. doesn't lack like whole lot of moisture but what will happen with this storm unlick most storms is it's going to stall over the bay area so let's begin our computer animation tomorrow night. just cloud cover then watch what happens after mid nature. rain begins to move n.saturday morning is rainy. cold front eventually becomes stationary then backtrack. it will stall
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right over the bay area for your sunday so it is going to be a wash-out for your weekend plans. there's no other way to put it rainfall total up to three inches in the santa cruz mountains. half inch to inch in the south bay. most other areas 3 quarters of an inch to inch and a half and this is just until sunday morning we still have more written coming beyond the sunday forecast. traveling to the sierra nevada breezy tomorrow. partly cloudy. 29 in the morning. 47 in the afternoon. so traveling just fine. saturday ch of of snow showers. 48 degrees in the afternoon but 30 in the morning and on sunday it turns over to rain. 45 after morning low of 29 degrees. our low temperature not quite as chilly but it is going to be cold. first thing in the morning make sure you have a coat or jacket. 35 in nap a.34 in santa rosa. temperatures coming down into the mid upper 30's range around livermore concord san jose area. 37 in santa cruz. the
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tomorrow afternoon t a little bit higher upper 50's coast side. low 60's peninsula down to san jose. 62 degrees. 63 in concord livermore. 59 in vallejo. north bay 60 santa rosa. nap a.58 in ukiahturesmon the upper 50's to mid 60's. 59 for new santa cruz. nice day tomorrow. 7 day forecast featuring rain for your weeken weekend. cooler temperatures only in the 50's. showers on monday and then another storm will bring us more written as we head into the middle of the week continuing into thursday. temperatures will start to come up a little bit tuesday through thursday but really it's the kind of forecast we expect to see in the middle of winter. not in the middle of spring. >> even though spring can be wet. >> thanks very much. >> up next. bigner sh container ship to ever dock at the port of oakland has shipped out. >> how it got out of the any 0oakland channel that's next. >> how it got out of the any 0oakland channel that's next. stay with
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largest container ship to ever visit north america let alone san francisco bay left oakland tonight for china. it took a small ramada of tugboat to swing the ship around in the
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oakland inner harbor channel. ship arrived yesterday with several tons of cargo on board. the ship was built two years ago in korea owned by the mediterranean shipping company. the route ones between north america and china. >> look at the size relative to the tugboat. >> more people are riding public transit in the south bay according to the silicon valley business juvrnlt santa clara bta lines ridership rose 64 percent last month from the same period in 2011. experts say it's due to rising employment in the silicon valley. more people heading off to work. palo alto base cart is trying to change how you eat out. the company has developed a touch screen tablet that let's you see a menu order food pay your bill dwebingtly from the device. no more time lacking for your waiter. they are used in 300 restaurants across the country. more on the headlines in tomorrow print edition of the business journa journal. >> right now it is time for sports. >> larry is here. march madness. >> big surprise tonight. one
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of them at least. sweet 161 seed down. luck answer any silly questions you piv about his arm strength. he's plenty silly questions you piv about his arm strength. he's plenty strong. sports next
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>> good evening. basketball state of kentucky louisville gets overshadowed by the kentucky build cat. not tonight. michigan state was taken down. the club led by chang throwing it down with t wo hands. spartan shot 29rtan sh t percent. stayed within striking distance. derek won't miss from there green he's an nba player waiting to happen. gets them within 4 but louisville would not fold. tv 15 points and louisville with a surprise they take down magic top seed in the west they are done. 57-44. syracuse top seed in the east. tight game with wisconsin. tvl weigheder stepped back jumper he had 13. fast forward to the final seconds. badgers down 1. trying to get a shot. don't gate good look at all. jordan taylor. desperation he have
2:32 am
and no. syracuse survives. 6 64-63. and they will get ohio state in the elite 8. billy donovan and 7 seeded florida gators welcome to the bradley beall show you know the ball is going in. we must be related this. is beall head of the pack with authority. my nephe nephew. nrv takes down marquette 68-58. genetics rul rule. face louisville next. excuse me. ohio state over cincinnati. 81-66. got carried away. advancing to a one versus 2 show down with syracuse. yes time rubbing out on the regular season the sharks have 3 straight home games to try to get it together tonight against defending cup champion from boston. sharks desperate for every single point now. grit start. 4 minutes in. patrick
2:33 am
marlo denied here but joe cleaning up nicely. third goal in the last 4 games and shark le led 1 nothing. stay that way to the third. an draw and cross eye to daniel win first goal as man in teal wearing the dark yawn form tonight but shark hold on to 1. tied for 9th place in the west. 1 point out of the final my off spot. were yours houston and former warrior elliotte house in the h he just punishes the warriors. trailed all wait in the game. only big highlight late. clay thompson feeding wright. he might be related to me too. yes. one hand thunder but the rocket roll. look at this game. 109-83. andrew luck really did not have to throw the ball at stanford but wanted to so the team mates could use the day as show case for nfl scouts. who is who in the nfl. ofinto therew into the wind ona
2:34 am
blustery day for luck. no. 1 pick in the draft soon. 46 of 50. 3 balls dropped by receiv receivers. passing fun but luck really enjoyed seeing like kobe put on a show. >> very special. somebody full circle coming out as freshman. working, walking in wide eyes. no idea possibly 4 first roun rounders. bunch of guys. that will end up on team i know it's really special. i thought it was grit to get out here with the guys. finally get it done and make all the throws. >>reporter: they had a very big crowd out there. that's the toyota sports report. he looked good. >> he did. i thought you were going to tell us were you related to an draw luck as well. >> i wish. >> he has different spelling doesn't he. >> well it might be a little different. >> that's our report. "nightline"is next. >> have a great night everyone. "nightline"is next. >> have a great night everyone. >> @qat a
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do you say -- >> i could tell you that. i could tell you that. i'm not self-destructive. i'm not a person who wants to die. i'm a person who has life and wants to live. >> tragically that wouldn't have hold true. tmz reports that the cocaine was removed before the police had arrived, so that's why they didn't find any prescription drugs, but the family, patricia houston who was her
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sister-in-law and manager said they're sad to hear the results but they're relieved to hear the results and have closure. well, the mystery surrounding the series of booms in eastern wisconsin is a mystery no more. we've been showing you this on "world news now." geologists say a 1.5 magnitude earthquake hit the city of clintonville early tuesday morning. they say because of the low magnitude, most people there didn't feel shaking but the area was plagued by booming noises which the experts now say were a result of the seismic activity. so clintonville was, in fact, booming. >> i watched you and rob the other day. you were saying too much cheese. >> you've been to wisconsin. >> i have not been to wisconsin. >> another one. i've got to take you and rob to wisconsin. there's nothing like wisconsin. >> i'll have to go. >> yeah, definitely. i'll take you and rob. a road trip. >> road trip. california, well known for
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its earthquakes, so you would think the state would be scrambling to get a warning system in place, but you'd be wrong. >> reporter: that's what an early earthquake warning system would sound like if california could ever get one in place. after five years it's in beta testing now, but given the state's financial crisis, no one can say when it will be ready for use statewide. countries like japan, mexico, and even romania have warning systems in place, but because of california's size, of theography, and other factors it's hard to create one here. >> because we live on top of the faults, it's much more complicated than in say mexico or japan that have these early warning systems. >> reporter: living on top of faults means any early warnings would be a few seconds if any. mimicking the north ridge earthquake, the detection would have been able to give downtown l.a. 11 seconds' warning, enough
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to shut down critical infrastructure like public transportation or nearby nuclear power plants. >> it could give the public a few seconds' heads-up so they can drop, cover, and hold on. >> reporter: it's connected to a central system that can send warnings across central networks and tv and radio airwaves. >> the ability to save lives alone would be incalculable. >> surprise, surprise. we know california has a lot of financial problems. this might be the reason $150 million it would cost to build. that's what the experts say. and it would cost about $5 million a year to keep it running. >> in terms of who needs it, think california does. >> i think it's a good investment. >> let's take a look at the weather. what do you say? >> i think that's great idea. fantastic. that was wisconsin and michigan all in one. >> a wet day in the canadian boarder to the gulf co


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